Succinct Platform

Succinct's Platform (opens in a new tab) is a central location where developers can discover what ZK applications are being built and learn more about the latest advances and use-cases of ZK technology. Using Succinct’s best-in-class tooling, developers can quickly iterate and develop with ZK, using any proof system. The platform’s 1-click deployment workflow and reliable infrastructure allows for easy and smooth usage in production settings. Read more here (opens in a new tab).

Succinct Network

Today, proof generation for all applications on the platform is done internally on Succinct's in-house infrastructure. Once the Succinct decentralized prover network goes live, applications on the platform will automatically transition to using the network for proof generation, and the platform will become a "frontend" for applications utilizing Succinct Network.


To discover what ZK applications are being built, developers can browse the platform's explore page (opens in a new tab).

Examples of projects utilizing Succinct's platform include:


To learn more about developing applications with the platform, read more in getting started.


To integrate your application with your onchain smart contracts, read more in onchain integration.