Succinct is building a decentralized prover network (opens in a new tab) so that anyone can build blockchain applications and infrastructure secured by cryptographic truth, not trust. Succinct provides developers with the first unified interface for the entire ZK stack, providing highly available proof generation infrastructure with best-in-class pricing, for rollups, coprocessors and other applications using zero-knowledge proofs.

Today, the Succinct Network is under active development and not yet live, but developers can get started with Succinct's Platform (opens in a new tab) , which provides best-in-class tooling for developing and deploying ZK applications built with supported proof systems like Plonky2, Gnark and Circom.

The Succinct Platform will become the first "frontend" for the Succinct Network when it goes live, and all applications deployed through the platform will transition to utilizing the decentralized prover network for proof generation.